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Sewing Bee: Children in Need Special - Episode 1

Sewing Bee: Children in Need Special - Episode 2

The Great British Sewing Bee is back!

Jemima Schlee at the Brighton Sewing Centre

Snippets Needlework Sewing Class: Review

October book reviews

Tanya Blake reviews the hottest craft books for October...

Tried & Tested: You Cancan Sew Panties Kit

With a multitude of craft products on the market, we thought we’d put a selection to test and reveal the pros and cons: This time we test out a panties kit. By Martha Bamford...

Dip dyed tote bags

Turn a simple linen sack into a stylish tote shopper. By Jemima Schlee...

Revamped blazer

Stand out from the crowd by revamping a high street jacket with new lapels and cuffs. By Suzanne Rowland...

Sun hat

Make this super-stylish 1970s inspired sun hat, perfect for garden party attire this summer. By Jeanne Spaziani...