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Meet Tilly Walnes

Great British Sewing Bee alumni Tilly Walnes chats to Shannon Denny about everything from celluloid to ripping seams....

Knit your bit!

On the centenary of The Great War, Abi Cox considers the importance of knitting and stitching on the Home Front....

Embroidered felt sewing pouch

Download the full size template here...

Sewing bee bonanza

Buzzing with anticipation about the next Sewing Bee

Tree from Stitchless TV

We find out about the wonderful world of Tree, creator of Stitchless TV, and her mission to show the world that anyone can sew....

Ohhh Lulu

Gemma Bowles takes five to chat to Sarah Norwood, the maker of beautiful undies!...


Sewing up, K2tog, joining a yarn