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Take ten... Georgina Ritson

Doll artist Georgina Ritson stops for a chat with Karen Bamford...

Dolls' House 216 Giveaways

Win this month's giveaway prizes!...

Tom Bishop presents the 2014 Madrid, Spain Dolls House Miniatures Fair

Tom Bishop Productions presents the 2014 Madrid Fair on the 15-16 November...

Happy anniversary Harlequins

As the shop celebrates 25 years we look at how it has evolved with the hobby...

Go wild in your dolls' house!

Sneak peek into June's issue of The Dolls' House magazine

Christine Bloxham commissioned her dolls' house from to get exactly what she wanted.

There's a dolls' house for every age group

To match or not to match... that is the question!

Georgina Ritson discusses the artistry of creating a miniature scene...

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