Miniatures fair goes online

Monday, November 5, 2012

Buy your minis during a ten-day internet event

A new website has just been launched, offering shoppers all the fun of the fair, without having to leave the house. The site, designed by Gail Tucker of MGM fairs, offers a ten-day event each month. 

"The concept is based on current online sales and marketing practices, but instead of using a shopping cart, I have designed a specialised website where each individual item, supplied by a variety of traders, has a Buy Now button, which leads directly to the trader's Paypal Account," explained Gail. "The trader takes the payment  and despatches the items to the customer. I merely offer the platform and the means to display the items, but online, rather than physically at a fair."    

It's not an auction site, so there is no panic to bid for the items before a deadline. The online fair went live on 1 November and will always run from 1-10 of each month.

Items will be listed on pages under period headings so you know where to look for miniatures suitable for your house whether it is Tudor, modern, or anything in between.

Gail added: "As I am currently in my final year of my IT Degree, and with the encouragement of both miniatures friends, former MGM Fair traders and my tutors at the university, I am able to bring together both my past experience of the miniature fairs business, coupled with the new processes and  technology available now, to make this work. With digital on-line shopping becoming much more prevalent and acceptable, this seems like an ideal time to start."

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