Tassel Pincushions

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cute pincushions, perfect for using up scraps of fabrics and threads. By Jemima Schlee



You will need

Two pieces of fabric, each 24cm x 24cm

Roughly 15cm diameter plate


Fine mattress needle or long
embroidery needle


Needle, pins and thread

Sewing machine

Hollow fibre stuffing

Embroidery thread

Piece of card 5cm x 10cm


To make the pincushion

1. Place your two pieces of fabric right sides together and pin. Draw around the plate 


2. Sew around the circumference of your drawn circle by machine, leaving a 4cm gap for turning out later  (reverse stitch on each side of the gap for strength). Stitch another line of stitching 5mm within the first, again leaving a gap in the same position for turning. Use scissors to trim the fabric to 3mm from the outside stitch line, leaving a wider seam along the turning gap in case of fraying.


3. Turn out through the gap. Fill with hollow fibre and hand stitch the gap closed.


4. Thread 110cm of embroidery cotton onto your mattress needle. Thread it (doubled) through the centre of your stuffed disc, and back through the same way again so that the thread runs around the outside edge of the pincushion. Repeat a further 5 times so that your pincushion is divided into six segments.


5. Pull the threads taut to create the plump segments. Lastly, thread the needle bacK through so that both thread ends are on the same side and knot off to maintain the tightness and the segment shapes.  Trim the threads to 1cm and tuck the raw ends into
one of the segment folds.


To make the tassel

6. Lay your piece of card down in front of you with the narrow end nearest to you. Place a 25cm length of thread across the middle of your piece of card and fold the piece of card in half over and towards you. Now wrap your embroidery thread 50 times around the card, one end over the fold. Pull the original piece of thread to the bottom of the card, away from the folded edge, and tie it as tightly as you can around the wrapped threads. Slip all the threads off the card. Wrap another 25cm piece of thread about 5mm-10mm from the tied loop around the threads several times and tie tightly. Take the two ends from this knot and use a needle to run them down behind the wrapping to mingle with the other threads of the tassel. Use scissors to trim the bottom loop of the threads to create your tassel - trim again to make the ends flush. 

7. Stitch your tassel to the centre of your pincushion.




1. Try adding a small pom pom in place of the tassel - you can cut them off pom pom edging tape.

2. Make different sized pincushions by adjusting the diameter of your circle at step 1.

3. Use separate pincushions to separate your pins, sharps and darners.

4. Check out www.sew4home.com for making tassels.



Fabrics: www.brightonsewingcentre.co.uk; www.fabricrehab.co.uk 




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