Paisley embroidered pashmina

Friday, February 22, 2013

Personalise your favourite summer pashmina for a touch of unique elegance. By Jemima Schlee

You will need: 


A selection of 6 or 7 different 

coloured embroidery cottons 

Embroidery needle 

20cm embroidery hoop (optional) 


Fabric marking pen 

1. Scale the template (click here to download the pdf) using a photocopier so that it will fit five times along the width of your pashmina - this pashmina measured approximately 85cm x 180cm and the template measured 15cm long. 

2. Cut the template out. Position it along one edge of the pashmina, so that it sits 2.5cm from the bottom edge and centre it along the width. 

3. Use a fabric pen to draw around it. Start by embroidering the outline shape in your first colour using chain stitch. Keep the stitches as evenly sized as you can and be aware that the back of your work mustn't get too messy. 

4. Once the outline shape is finished, make a row of small running stitches around the outside and finish off your thread by sewing through the back of stitches on the reverse of your work. 

5.  Chain stitch another row 1cm inside the first in the same colour. Now fill the space between these two rows of chain stitch with evenly spaced French knots using your second colour. 

6. Draw in the leaf veins by eye with your fabric marker and sew in chain stitch using your third colour. 

7. Draw in the leaves and stitch with a small running stitch in the same colour as the French knots. 

8. Position the template, rotated 180°, so that the centre is one third of the distance between the centre and the edge of the pashmina. 

9. Repeat steps 3-6 using a different selection of three of your colours. 

10. Continue until all five motifs are completed in various combinations of colours and repeat at the other end of the pashmina. 

Making notes 


Do not pull your thread taught when stitching - try to keep your stitches loose. Equally, if you use an embroidery hoop, do not stretch the pashmina too tightly as you could distort the weave. 


Pashmina in camel: 

Anchor Pearl embroidery cotton 10g: 

Embroidery hoop and needles:  


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