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Monday, May 19, 2014

Meet Making's Designer

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Who are you and what is your role at Making?

My name is Claire and I am the Designer for Making. My role is to make sure you all receive fabulous looking copies of Making every month. The team I work with supply me with images and text and leave me to create each article as you see it, often involving their opinions if I’m having an ‘I can’t design day’. 

So how did you become Making’s Designer?

I have been at GMC Publications for 12 years now and started my role as an ad designer. Over the past 12 years the company has developed and I moved into editorial design for our sister titles. I started on Knitting Magazine, which I currently still work on and 2 years ago I took on Making Jewellery following the departure of the MJ designer. Then just over a year ago I took over the role of Making designer. I had to share my work on the other two titles to enable me to do this successfully but it’s all worked out very well and I love the team I work with here at Making.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Ummm the best thing about my job… the creativity. I am a very creative person and love being given free reign by the team to design how I like. Of course they may not always like what I do, but I think I’ve managed to fit with most of their tastes. I’m constantly looking for fresh inspiration and love to keep things updated. I can get bored quite quickly of a design and when you do the same thing everyday it's good to mix it up a little, it keeps us all on our toes and I feel like if I get tired of things then you as a reader probably do too. So being able to be creative everyday is what I love about this job.

Give us an example of a typical day for you at Making

The day always starts with a cuppa, it’s usually our Assistant Ed, Abi that gets the ball rolling and then it’s straight to work. Working over three titles can get pretty manic so you have to try and keep on top of it all before it gets on top of you. But a typical day for me is just working through the pages and designing them up. The editorial team will put together everything that is needed for either a regular page, project or feature and I will then get to work designing those layouts. Some will take as little as half an hour to an hour whereas some can take a whole morning or afternoon, it just depends on the type of article I’m doing. As we approach our finishing deadline for Making my efforts are solely concentrated on that and wrapping that up but as soon as that’s passed I’m onto one of the other titles and that deadline is then a week away and so it goes on… but I enjoy it, it keeps us busy all of the time and although it can turn one a little crazy sometimes I have a great team here that keep me rather sane. One can certainly say there’s never a dull moment here at Making!

Which has been your favourite Making issue so far and why?

This is rather a difficult one because I love every issue. I’ve only been on Making since issue 34 and I guess that has to be a favourite because it was my first issue. I love the cover on issue 42, Winter 2013. It’s very white, very crisp and very clean but I think my absolute favourite is the issue that’s out this week, issue 48, June 2014. I redesigned Making on issue 47 and I feel that the changes we made (as I run everything past the team for their opinions) have lifted the magazine and made it lighter, brighter and more attractive and issue 48 I think looks gorgeous. Alongside the new design and new colours, there are fabulous projects, great features and I just think the whole magazine flows beautifully. It looks fabulous, a good job well done team Making!

Tea and cake or pie and a pint?

Oh my word!!! I am such a girly girl, with my high heels and my fabulous named nail polish there is only one option for me and that’s tea and cake… Pie and pint no chance!!!

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