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Abigail Cox

Abigail Cox

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The craft office is always filled with gorgeous fabrics, scrummy skeins of yarn and piles of inspirational projects & makes. So, I'm ashamed to say that despite working on Making for well over a year now, the extent of my crafty pursuits have consisted of a barely recognisable sock..(which I started last February) and some twine wrapped bottles for Deputy Ed Sophie's wedding. And that is it. 

Yes, I hang my head in shame.

There is really no excuse, espcially as we're often sent brand new sewing and crafting kits to try out by the lovely lovely companies out there.

So, in a burst of creativity (or madness) when the leather sewing company Simple Way sent in one of their brilliant Tardis Purse Kits, I decided to put my long-forgotten textile lesson-skills to the test.  

Luckily, the kits are pretty novice-proof: the pieces of leather come pre-cut, pre-poppered and pre-punched, so it ends up being a slightly elaborate dot-to-dot!

Materials Copy

(Appologies for the terrible photo's - it turned into an impulsive late-night crafting session - not conducive to pretty images!)

This kit provides you with: 

1 'cover' 

1 pigskin inner 

1 front piece

4 pocket pieces

Thread (I was given a wonderful array of contrasting coloured thread to choose from - out of fear I'd use too much, I plumped for yellow and pale blue)

When I read the instructions sitting at my desk, I was baffled, confused and sure I'd fall at the first hurdle (threading the needle). But with all the bits spread out in front of me at home the how-to looked less like 'Ikea does sewing' and more like a gentle foray into leathercraft.

Starting with two of the pocket pieces, I sewed a running stitch along the inside pocket - from the middle of the bottom row up the left side, double stitching the top to fasten it, before filling in the gaps on the left side and going up the right side. 

Step 1 (20)

Once I'd done both pairs, it was time to attach one pocket to the cover. Using a running stitch again, I took the back piece of the pocket and sewed it to the bottom of the cover - only going through two layers of leather - and then carried on around the top of the cover.

Step 2 (20)

The top piece of this pocket was then sewn to the back piece of the second pocket.

(Taking photo's at this point seemed fruitless - and I wasn't convinced I needed evidence for my ineptitude!) 

The final part was the most tricky! The front piece of the top pocket had to be sewn to the front piece with the pigskin sandwiched in between. A thimble or pliers at this point would have been helpful: trying to get the needle through all three layers was quite hard. But, after a bit of tugging and pulling (and tangled threads) I was done! 

Final (1)


Final 2

I have to admit, I am pretty chuffed with this! The stitching is slightly ropey in places, and my knots might not hold for ever... but nevertheless, it looks and functions like a very lovely purse. 

I was very surprised at how easy and enjoyable this project was in the end, and at the feeling of achievment that is still with me this morning. I whole-heartedly recommend this kit to first-timers and experts alike! 

And who knows, perhaps this is just the start of my crafting journey...


The Tardis Purse Kit (£17) can be bought online from Simple Way, in a whole range of colour combinations - find out more here


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