November photo shoot: behind the scenes

Abigail Cox

Abigail Cox

24 September 2014

An authentic, chic 1950's home was the backdrop for the November issue photo shoot - and boy, it was gorgeous?! With panoramic views of sprawling lawns, it was easy to forget you were a mere five minutes from the town centre. The house was built in the early 1950's by a (clearly, super talented & ultra modern) architect and the family have kept it in pristine condition ever since. Our contemporary themed projects looked wonderful in situ - Jemima's cushion collection seemed to have always been scattered on the sofa, while Tash's 50's cocktail was the perfect thing after a long busy day of shooting! (I even did a bit of modelling in Vanessa's frilly pinnies!)


Vanessa's lovely reversible bag is the subject of much discussion.


Desperately avoiding looking at the food.


"Put some wallpaper on a pinboard" Simple right?


...Apparently not - needs two to get it straight!

November's issue hits the shelves 9th October, so put it in your diary now!

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Guest Blogger: London Makers

Abigail Cox

Abigail Cox

3 September 2014

Following on from last months post about Brighton makers, this month we are focusing on showcasing some amazing London crafters, designers and makers. Once again I was spoilt for choice, as it seems our capital city is packed to the rafters with creativity!

Luna on the Moon


First up is Luna on the moon. I’m sure I am not the only one who has jumped on the fruity accessory bandwagon…give me a watermelon or a strawberry any day! This jazzy pineapple handbag MADE WITH GLITTER is the perfect accessory for this season.

[image source: etsy]

Rosie Wonders 

Rosie _wonders

Rosie Wonders first caught my eye on Instagram a few months back. I kept seeing snaps of peoples amazing temporary tattoos and decided I needed to investigate. Rosie also makes greetings cards and jewellery in her signature style.

[image source: rosie wonders]

Crispin Finn


Crispin Finn consists of two London based creatives, Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly. They have been working together since 2008 and their style is instantly recognisable. They only use red, white and blue in their designs and I happen to have this awesome tea towel framed on my kitchen wall!

[image source: crispin finn]

Laura Gee

Laura Gee

Laura Gee’s etsy shop ‘Oh My Gee’ showcases her awesome illustrated homewares. This beardy man cushion, handsewn by Laura herself is called Malcolm. Hello Malcolm.

[Image source: etsy]

Lucy Sparrow

Lucy Sparrow

Last but by no means least we have Lucy Sparrow from Sew your Soul who you may well recognise as the creator of the crafty corner shop that has recently popped up in London. Lucy spent 8 months creating an entire corner shop made out of felt and it has recently been unveiled. You can go visit it at 19 Wellington Row, London, E2 7BB.

[image source: sew your soul


She's Called Claire

Claire Culley is a blogger and one half of creative hub Super+Super. Her favourite crafts are printing and papercutting. Addicted to crisps. Big animal lover. Her first books, Printmaking and Embroidery, are out in October and will be available from

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