Abigail Cox

Abigail Cox

16 July 2014

Tomorrow we celebrate our 50th issue hitting the shelves! (Yes, the big five oh, we don't know where the time went either and yes, we aren't looking bad for our age, thank you!) We're ever so proud of this months Making! We show you what goes on behind the scenes here at HQ, AND we've organised a fantastic range of giveaways worth £7000! (You can enter here) To carry on with the celebrations, I've wandered around the internet to find my favourite party projects! 

Photo Wall

Someone must have mentioned our anniversary to Martha. 

Courtesy of Matha Stewart 

Paper Decor

Super simple, but super chic wall decorations!

Click here for tutorial.

DIY-Flower -Napkin -The Chic

Careful, these napkin rings might out-shine the food!

Courtesy of The Chic Site.

Origami Butterflies

String these minimalist flutterbies up for a modern garland.

Courtesy of The Things She Makes.

Glitter Balloon

A grown-up alternative to party balloons.

Click here for tutorial.

Drink Umbrellas

These'll brighten up your martini!

Find out how to make them here.

Mm 50-subscribe Grab your copy tomorrow!!  


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