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Abigail Cox

Abigail Cox

16 May 2014







prty spoons
The Real Welsh Love Spoon

Tell us about your craft & how you got started?

I have loved baking ever since I took it up as a student. I could lie, and tell you it was because I find messing around with flour and eggs helps me to unwind, but I would scarcely be telling the truth. I do it because I love sweet things!

How do you find inspiration for new projects?

Travelling, and reading. I’ve recently been spending time in Finland because of work, and am loving the cinnamon/cardamom combination that is so prevalent in all of the sweet breads you find there. I’m currently reading ‘The Help’, which is very famously set in the Deep South of the US. I haven’t been there (yet!), but am feeling very inspired to try whipping up a pumpkin pie and a glass or two of sweet tea in lieu of 11 hours on a plane.

icecreamMascapone Ice Cream

Where did the idea of the blog come from?

I felt like my job didn’t offer me a creative outlet; I missed writing and I had lots of free time on my hands. I liked baking and decided just to try starting a blog. I certainly never envisaged it becoming what it is now. My writing style has really changed, as has the look of the site. I prefer shorter posts these days, and less photos. Maybe I am getting lazy as I grow older!

How have you built it up to be the successful and popular blog it is today?

I honestly do not know. I have just kept at it. People email me and tell me that they love the way I write. They say I make them laugh and that feel like they know me through reading my little witterings. Obviously, that it not what appeals to every single reader, but I hope it’s what most of my audience keeps coming back for. I doubt it’s for my photos, since most of them are terrible!

What advice or tips would you give anyone planning to start a craft blog?

Be unique, and be yourself. You aren’t trying to compete with anyone. Write about what you want to. Swear if you want to. A blog is a personal space. Don’t worry about what people might think. Don’t look on blogging as an obligaton. If you fancy a break, or don’t feel inspired to write every week, take the time out you need. It’s for fun after all!

mcaroonsMango & Jasmine Macarons

What so far has been your biggest achievement?

I would love to say the award from Channel 4, or being asked to do other pieces of writing, because those things made me very proud. But, honestly, the best part of all this is the emails from readers. I had one last year from two baking-novice sisters in Australia who made one of my cakes for their mother as a birthday surprise. They said she was so happy she cried, and that they had a great time making the cake and icing. It made me so happy to see people getting pleasure from my blog, I was showing people the email for days!

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Coming up with fresh ideas for my annual ‘Re-Inventing the Lamington’ feature. I was tempted to stop doing it, but my readers didn’t like the suggestion!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t dream it. Be it. (I’m a big Rocky Horror fan!)

lamingtonWhite Chocolate and Pomegranate Cream Lamingtons


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