GBSB The Final!

Sophie Mould

Sophie Mould

24 April 2013


And the winner is… 

Does anyone else feel like these sorts of announcements take far too long to actually announce? Just tell us already! I blame Chris Tarrant. 



Yes, we have our winner at last - and what a worthy winner she is - did you see her happy little face? They should put together a montage of Ann's facial expressions and sell it to miserable people to cheer them up! I have to say, I for one, am chuffed to bits that Ann takes the title this year. Last week I was fairly certain Lauren would be crowned Queen Bee because she was a tad more adventurous and showed a lot of promise but it all fell apart for her a little in the final. Ann on the other hand, well she's unshakable isn't she? She just gets on with the task in hand and produces such well-executed pieces - her cocktail dress was simply beautiful. And let's not forget Sandra - I'd almost written her off following last week's show but after last night I'm eating my words because she did so consistently well with each of the challenges - so apologies Sandra! 

Admittedly when the show was first announced I had my reservations on how well it would compare to the Bake Off, but I've really enjoyed watching the Sewing Bee over the last four weeks and it seems you have too. With stats for last night's viewing coming in at 2.7million, I think that speaks volumes for the success of a series in it's first flush of televisual youth. We know for sure there's going to be another series next year and this time it's going to be six episodes long - hurrah! But will the contestants be as entertaining? We do hope so. Don't forget to apply to be on the next series if you think you have what it takes. Get your hands on all the information here.


Don't miss…

At the risk of repeating myself, don't forget that the May issue of Making is on sale as of tomorrow - in which we have an interview with May Martin plus a fantastic sewing supplement as well as all the usual fantastic projects and features.


Keep your eyes peeled for a special Sewing Bee book and sewing machine competition coming up very soon.


If that wasn't enough for you, we're very excited to announce that we've been chatting to the very lovely Patrick Grant - catch the interview in June's issue of Making magazine! 

Great British Sewing Bee Semi Final

Sophie Mould

Sophie Mould

17 April 2013


Best. Episode. Yet. I've got to say, I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with my Tuesday evenings after the final next week - take up sewing perhaps? Or better still, drag the girls round each week so I can host my own version of the Sewing Bee - I'll be Claudia to guarantee my constant involvement (let's just say I'm no Ann when it comes to handling a sewing machine). 

But really, a great show last night - I even found myself gasping when Stuart was sent packing, sewing box between his legs. I was certain he'd scrape through in Sandra's place - I mean, the dress was outrageous and the jacket… is hobo-chic a style? But he was fun and frivolous and camp and fabulous and I'm sure I won't be the only one mourning his presence in the final. Was it just me that came over all emotional (well a little emotional, no tears or anything) whilst he delivered his motivational leaving speech? 

Having said that, I think the judges made the right choice in the end - our finalists; Ann, Lauren and Sandra are surely very deserving of their places but, if I'm being honest, I think it's now a two-horse race between Ann and Lauren. Sandra undoubtedly has skill but her slightly rebellious nature that leads her to ignore instructions added to her lack of speed I think puts her out of the running. Ann and Lauren on the other hand could learn a thing or two from each other but are both worthy winners of the GBSB - if only Ann would be a little more daring and Lauren more methodical but with each being so different yet equally as talented, it's going to be a close call. Tune in next week to find out who's crowned Queen Bee!

Don't forget to pick up a copy of this month's issue of Making - jam packed full of fantastic sewing projects. You've only got a week left to grab a copy so be quick before it's out of the shops. Also, keep your eyes peeled for next month's issue (out next Thursday) and find out more about May Martin in our interview with the lady herself.

Sneaky peek at the May issue of Making

Tanya Blake

Tanya Blake

11 April 2013

The sun isn't shining yet but summer is just around the corner (we hope) so we thought we'd give you a sneaky look at what went on behind the scenes at our May issue's appropriately light, bright and airy photo shoot.

The projects are inspired by the effortless style of New England and are sure to keep you cool and calm through even the hottest of summers (fingers crossed!). Have a scroll and see what we've got in store for you next month...


Image Of Room With Chair

The gorgeous wooden panelled home that was the location for this month's shoot.

Lisa Brown
Our lovely cover stylist Lisa Brown - loving the shoes!

Emma Staging The Suitcase Table

Emma styling one of our projects - a gorgeous suitcase table.

Pic Of Emma At Counter

Our Editor Emma looking rather chic - can you tell she's also Editor of Knitting magazine?!

Wool Throw
Check out the wool throw, one of the many gorgeous projects featuring in this issue.


And a collection of even more lovely projects to feast your eyes upon!

So there it is - if you like what you see then don't miss out on our May issue, on sale from the 25th April. 



GBSB Episode 2

Sophie Mould

Sophie Mould

10 April 2013

           patterns 2

So come on then, hands up those of you that found yourselves shouting at the telly last night with the departure of the lovely Mark and Tilly? To be honest I felt we'd seen the best of Tilly in episode 1 and last night her raw edges and unfinished sleeve were quite literally the undoing of any previous promise! Mark on the other hand I had high hopes for - if only one of the challenges had been to make a pirate outfit, he'd have blown the competition out of the water, so to speak.

But what an exciting episode it was; Sandra revealed her cheeky side when she admitted that checking Patrick's waistband was just an excuse to check out his bottom! Lauren got herself in a flap with her flies, Jane seems to have gone missing and in a reversal of roles Ann's pockets were less than even moderately exciting and Stewart came top of the class for his crazy tulip design… and breathe. Even the judges themselves were said to have been fighting about the contestants this week - the drama is endless! 

The whole Jane 'disappearance' thing does concern me slightly. Last week we were told that she was taken ill but would be back to battle it out with the others once she was fit enough to do so but so far, no show - where is she? Are we to assume that she won't be returning as she's missed all the action or will she suddenly show up in the semi-final? Whatever happens, we hope she's well! 

Anyway, we have our semi-finalists all lined up now, next week we'll see Ann, Stewart, Lauren and Sandra all competing for the last two places in the Sewing Bee and from the sneak peek we've glimpsed, it looks set to be the best episode yet - complete with tears! Don't forget to tune in next Tuesday, BBC2, 8pm.


Don't miss out… 

If you've been inspired by the GBSB, why not grab a copy of the latest issue of Making - our sewing special with 30 projects to get you stitching plus easy to follow sewing techniques if you're just starting out - it's in the shops now!

Back from Easter

Tanya Blake

Tanya Blake

4 April 2013

Hello! Amelia the intern here, back from the long Easter weekend, and over a week has passed here at editorial HQ. Less day tripping action, more writing this past week as I have put together two supplements, one for Making Magazine and one for Making Jewellery. I've finished work on my Style File page for our June issue of Knitting, and I'm really looking forward to seeing that in print. I've also been working on some editorial pages for our June issue of Making so I've been all over the place.

With the first episode of The Great British Sewing Bee airing on Tuesday night, the office and the internet have been awash with talk of Patrick Grant's discerning good looks and his apparently very attractive girlfriend. As well as the joy of sewing of course. Consequently, I have been asked to review the accompanying book to the series which I am working on right now.

I'm currently waiting on some images to come through for Making Jewellery, we have been trying to put together a supplement this week and time has definitely been against us as there is still so much to do.  The deadline is on Friday so let's hope we can get it together by then! I'll keep you posted. My first article has gone live on website too, you can read it here.

The Great British Sewing Bee

Sophie Mould

Sophie Mould

3 April 2013

                   May and Patrick


If you weren't watching The Great British Sewing Bee last night I hope whatever you were doing instead was worth it because you missed a corker! Doubters and Bake Off loyalists are sure to be eating humble pie (pardon the pun) for thinking that a televised sewing programme wouldn't be entertaining - it was, and we'll tell you why…

Let's start with the obvious; the contestants - what's not to love? A real mixture of cute and quirky, camp and burly all at the same time! I have to admit I may have already developed a soft spot for Ann (81), with her surprisingly nimble stitchery and 'blink and you'll miss it' cheeky glint, but the others are all a great choice too and it's difficult to tell at the moment who will be triumphant by the end of the series. Just watching last night, I was almost certain one of the guys, either Mark (41) or Stuart (also 41) would be out of the running by the end of the show but amazingly Mark pulled a fabulous dress out of the bag at the last minute and Stuart was saved by Michelle's (35) slightly precarious and perhaps over-ambitious attempt at a reversible dress that didn't quite work out. With Tilly (32) and Lauren (27) injecting a bit of youthful fashion-sass and Sandra (48) and Jane (57) providing the loveable and opposite ends of the scale mum-like qualities, we have ourselves eight rather nice people and aren't quite sure who to plump for - even with the lovely Michelle now gone, it hasn't made our decision any easier. 

Next we have the judges. The ever so wise and knowledgeable May Martin who has been sewing and teaching others to sew for four decades and the dashing and quite dishy Patrick Grant, owner of Savile Row tailors Norton & Sons. The new Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood combo seem set to put their own stamp on the TV catchphrase with Grant's inspired "good from afar but far from good" and "a bit of pork" - both making regular appearances on Twitter and Facebook within the last 24 hours! 

Then there's the fabulous Claudia Winkleman - love or hate the fringe, there's no denying her presence is one of the most entertaining on the telly in recent years. The drama, the jest, we love her and she manages to tie the whole show together effortlessly. 

All in all, the GBSB is simply delicious (even in the absence of cream cakes and butter icing). Even the uncrafty menfolk in our lives were glued to the screen, discussing which alterations they would have gone for in the neckline challenge - who'd have guessed! If you haven't seen the first episode you can catch it on BBC iPlayer - don't forget to tune in next Tuesday at 8pm!


Don't miss out…

If you haven't already heard, we've bagged ourselves an interview with May Martin - catch the full feature in the May issue of Making - on sale 25 April!

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