Amazing craft - Wies Preijde's Thread Installations

Tanya Blake

Tanya Blake

16 January 2013

Just when you think you've seen absolutely everything to do with craft something comes along to stop you in your tracks. Wies Preijde  has created a visually stunning installation using what must have been an eye watering amount of yarn.

Using thread, she has woven lines, often in graphic formation, to create illusion of hallways, beams of light, 3 dimensionality, windows, and colour. As light shines through the gaps in the thread the illusion of transparency becomes visible. It's a beautiful, intriguing and impressive installation (just think how much time and patience it must have taken to create!). Have a look at the photos below and prepare to be amazed...

 Threads Installation 1

Have you ever seen a corridor like this before?

 Threads Installation 2

Is this a curved wall or simply an optical illusion?

Threads Installation 3

Look how Wies has created the sense of perspective by changing the angles of the threads.

Threads Installation 6

The transparency of the walls becomes apparent.

Threads Installation 8

Fancy living in a house like this?

For more information, visit

New Year's Resolutions!

Tanya Blake

Tanya Blake

4 January 2013

The New Year is here and it's time to get organised so we thought we'd share some nifty ideas with you to tidy up and beautify your craft room...

Button Organisation
Ah yes the classic jar under the shelf trick - great for storing all your crafty bits and bobs.

Hang Fabric Organisation
Why not make a beautiful wall feature by hanging up your fabrics on a rail? 

Old Spice Racks Craft Storage

Use old spice racks to organise all your paint, glitter, glue and whatever else comes in a pot!

Pill Box Craft Storage
Use a nifty little pill box to tidy up and organise all your embellishments.

Ribbon On Trouser Hanger And Embellishments In Shirt Organiser
Hang your ribbon reels on trouser hangers - inspired!

Studio Organised

Hang shelves above a desk to store all your bits and bobs - it looks stunning when all your supplies are organised by colour!

Fun Crafts Storage

Who says craft storage has to be sensible?!

Feeling inspired? We thought we'd also give you some pictures of beautiful craft rooms to drool over and aspire to...

Beautiful Craft Room
So light, airy and we love the use of pastel colours.

Craft Room Inspiration
Cute lamp, stylish wallpaper, inspirational poster - check, check and check!

Make Something Craft Room

I hope this has inspired you all to create a beautiful (and tidy!) crafty haven in your own home - we'd love to see pictures of your own workspaces so please do post up photos and share your own clever craft storage ideas or pretty workspaces on our forum or on our facebook or twitter pages. 



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