Happy Halloween!

Sophie Mould

Sophie Mould

29 October 2012


I love Halloween, don't you? What better excuse to unleash your creative juices and make your friends and family dress up in ridiculous costumes without the fear of them actually being ridiculed?

I guess many of you will have already taken part in Halloween celebrations this year but if you haven't there's a good chance you'll be making last minute preparations for something this week (I hope I'm not the only one!).

We've plumped for a mid-week Halloween party this time and so mine and the better half's weekend was spent teaching ourselves to carve pumpkins! I can't believe I've reached this ripe old age and never done it before - it's possibly one of the most satisfying tasks I've ever carried out!

And here's the result of our hard work…


The big one on the left is James' (Christened Jack Jnr) and the little one on the right is mine (I've called him Gary). We got an A* for our efforts from an actual bona fide art teacher! #smug

So now all that's left to do is sort out our costumes, oh and the food - probably should get on to that this evening.

I'll let you know how we got on - keep your eyes peeled for more pics to follow soon.

This weeks crafty escapades...

Tanya Blake

Tanya Blake

25 October 2012

Ok, It's official, the clocks go back this weekend, temperatures are set to drop soon and it seems we can no longer deny the fact that the winter months are now upon us, no matter how much we pout or stamp our feet.

To be honest I rather like winter (and more precisely winter fashion) as for me it's an excuse to wrap up warm in chunky knitted jumpers, scarves and hats, plus eat comfort food and sip mulled cider, brilliant! The only problem is that my skin isn't such a big fan of winter. Walking out into the cold icy air teamed with the effects of warm and stuffy central heating wreaks havoc with my complexion, as I'm sure it does for many of you too.

With this in mind I've been surfing the net looking for all kinds of beauty treatments and spa craft recipes to keep us all pampered and looking beautiful for the Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas parties on the horizon. I stumbled across some fab and ultra simple recipes on Channel 4's website, including a sea salt body scrub and an avocado and honey face mask that looked achievable even for a novice like me. The scrub was a great success not to mention it's a ridiculously easy recipe that took minutes to whip up. Once you've mixed your sea salt, grapefruit peel and oil together in a bowl all you need to do is run yourself a bath and soak for a few minutes, dry off, apply the scrub to dry skin and then get back in the tub to soak and relax, preferably with a cold glass of white wine in hand. I'm happy to report that soft and supple skin was achieved and it only cost pennies to get it!

The face mask was slightly less of a success, one could even call it an utter failure. Note to all; make sure you have ripe avocados before attempting to mash them into a pulp and then smear on your face. Unfortunately the results of last nights experiment went straight into the bin instead - oh well live and learn!

However I'm not put off, in fact I'm raring to go and try more spa craft recipes, tonight is going to be a brown sugar hand mask and tomorrow, spa craft world domination…well perhaps I'd best not get too carried away! World domination aside I thoroughly recommend that you all give making your own beauty products a go, not only are they kinder to your skin and free from horrid chemicals like a lot of shop bought products, they will save you money, plus make brilliant gifts for friends and family. If I've sparked your interest then check out our spa craft recipes on our website and in each issue of Making. Go on, have a go and protect your skin and your money this winter.

P.S. We'd love to hear from you if you make your own beauty products already, join our forum and share and swap your crafty knowledge.

The latest from the Making HQ

Sophie Mould

Sophie Mould

17 October 2012

So, what, I hear you ask, has been happening this week at Making HQ? What hasn't been happening this week more like!

This week is one of those times in a magazine's month where we are kept on our toes with three consecutive issues; our November issue is in print and on sale and we're busy flicking through the pages, appreciating the end product of all our hard work; our bumper December issue, which we've been working on tirelessly for the past few weeks, is being checked and double checked before making its way to the printers to ensure that avid makers are kept busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas; and we're just starting to pull everything together for our special Winter issue, seeing all of the gorgeous projects come into the office, taking everything to the photo shoot and starting the editing process before design. In short, we've had quite a lot on our plate (but that's the way we like it)!

Anyway, we thought we'd give you a sneaky peek of some of our fab projects from our vintage themed Christmas issue - we're very excited and already deciding what we're going to be making for all of our friends and family, hopefully you will be too! 

Yummy recipe jars for budding bakers...

recipe jars


A stylish winter warmer...



Hanging crochet treat bags...

crochet bags


Fair Isle baubles...



And a partridge in a pear tree - or actually a much more useful and beautiful pearly stocking!

pearly stocking


That's your lot for the time being. Keep your eyes peeled for the biggest issue of Making on sale from the 8th November! 

Hello and welcome!

Sophie Mould

Sophie Mould

10 October 2012

It's so nice to have you here - grab a cuppa and pull up a pew - we've got loads to catch up on!

Ok, so just to fill you in on what's been going on…

We've been working our homemade socks off over the last few weeks to bring you not only another fabulous issue of Making but to launch our spangly new website to give you guys the best of both worlds - exciting huh? We've got a whole heap of things to show you, from favourite projects to fascinating features, reviews, news and the latest new products. We've delved into the minds of the Making team to tell you all you need to know about the people that put your favourite craft mag together and we'll be bringing you exclusive sneak peeks from behind the scenes. We also have a great competition where the winner will receive a Janome XL601 machine worth £399! Plus we have so much more lined up for the upcoming months.

During this whole process, Emma has discovered her talents for singing (possible video feed to come), Tanya has been discovering the delights of learning to sew (don't hold your breath), Faye has been getting tangled up in pattern pieces (no room for expletives on this website) and Sophie (that's me) has been trying to decide what kind of costume to make for Halloween (perhaps I'll get Tanya to make me something)…

Have a browse through the website and let us know what you think - don't forget to check out the forum to see what other crafty types are up to and come and say hello when you're free on Facebook or Twitter.

Now, who's got the biscuits?

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