Sneak peek inside issue 59 of Making Jewellery magazine

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

17 September 2013

Issue 59 of Making Jewellery magazine is nearly here! It hits the shops on Thursday 19 September, and here's just a sneak peak at what's inside to get you chomping at the bit!

Autumn has definitely arrived, but fend off the chill with this super bright issue of Making Jewellery. In this issue we've squeezed in 40 projects inspired by the season, from hocus pocus to catwalk trends. All the projects are gorgeous, richly coloured and perfect for this time of year. Weave seed beads, embed polymer clay with leaves, roll out copper clay, play with glitter, wrap wire, texture metal, string crystals and more this month with the huge variety of projects we've got for you. Win tons of gorgeous goodies, read our interview with Steampunk artist and author Jema Hewitt, delve into autumn catwalk trends and discover the latest jewellery making products. Plus, this issue comes with a free business supplement that shows you how to write a business plan, accomplish simple bookkeeping and tackle tax returns! Brighten up your days, and nights, with this stunning magazine.

Emerald chandelier earrings by Sue Mason-Burns
Weave wire together for these sparkling creations in the hottest colour for autumn.

Emerald Chandelier Earrings

Coiled copper beads technique by Clair Wolfe
Learn how to make these coiled beads and string up into a stunning necklace. I particularly love this stone!

Coiled Copper Beads

Autumn filigree by Jayne Rimington
Make looping shapes out of wire for this showstopper.

Autumn Filigree

Autumn statement necklace by Nina Fletcher
Make giant links out of polymer clay for this necklace that plays on warm and cool.

Autumn Statement Necklace

Fly a kite by Sandra Quell
My personal favourite - make a kite out of metal clay and watch your worries float away!

Fly A Kite

Autumn inspiration

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

6 September 2013

From Blogs .mcgill .ca

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I love autumn. It's my favourite time of the year - from that crisp, woodsy smell in the air, to the snuggliness of wrapping up in your scarf on the first cool morning. At the weekend I went blackberry picking and it struck me how easy it is to create jewellery that has been influenced by the season. The blackberries, I thought, looked just like shiny black pearls.

From Pearlsonly .co .uk

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Wallfive .com

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 The changing leaves are always beautiful at this time of year and never fail to inspire us to create jewellery in red, golden and copper tones.

Rowanberrydesigns .co .uk

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Blog .posterjack .ca

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Sometimes nature can surprise us and show us beauty in places where we wouldn't necessarily expect to find it. It's those moments that can sometimes influence the most interesting pieces of jewellery

 Beautifullife .info

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For me, there are very few things more satisfying than going for a walk on an autumn afternoon, feeling the sun's last warmth, crunching the leaves underfoot and then coming home to a nice, hot cup of tea.

Createandcelebrate .blogspot .com

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