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Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

14 January 2013

There is news abounding from some of our favourite online jewellery making shops. Here are some snippets!


During January, Jilly Beads are offering free postage on all orders over £20! They also have loads of new products, and a huge sale with massive bargains on their offers page, with 30% off all their passing fancies! Plus, they've selling goodie bags, worth over £45, for just £10! Get along to and grab yourself something lovely!

Beads Direct have updated their website to make it perfect for shopping on your mobile! The website has all your favourite features, such as their simples hopping basket with your savings clearly shown, ability to browse by shape and colour, and social sharing so that you can share your likes and loves on Facebook and Twitter. Pop onto on your mobile for retail therapy on the go!

Cookson Gold are having their January sale, too, with up to 50% off over 1,000 fantastic products. More products are being added to the sale, with over 100 new products being added just today. But hurry, whilst stocks last! 

Now is the time - let's hit the online shops!

New Year's Resolutions

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

7 January 2013

Well, here we are, at the start of a new year, a time that always has me thinking about what I want to change in my life for the year ahead. There are always generic ones like LOSE WEIGHT, GIVE MORE MONEY TO CHARITY, and GET MORE EXERCISE, but this year I'm thinking about more specific things, too.

Rather than the generic 'learn a new skill' I've decided that I'm going to be more specific and IMPROVE MY WIREWORKING. I'd love to be able to make gorgeous pendants like James Ferris of Lonely Soldier designs:


It's more important to me than ever this year that I BE TIDIER and I'm determining to tidy up all my craft things, organise it, and GET RID OF THE THINGS I DON'T USE. My Fiance and I are instigating a rule for our future: if you haven't used something for a year then get rid of it. 

I am most definitely a hoarder, and so this is something that will be tricky for me. I keep hold of things thinking 'that's bound to be useful for something!' But rather than this rule forcing me to chuck out black sacks full of lovely craft possibilities, I'm going to see this as an opportunity to simply MAKE MORE THINGS. Who knows what lovely things could result!

And if you, too, are resolving to keep things tidy, then here is some inspiration from our sister magazine, Making: /making/blog

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