Let’s make crumpled clothing

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Suggest the action! Janet Harmsworth of Mini Mannequins leaves a clothing trail behind

This project adds a realistic touch to your interior scene. You don't need any dolls for this project!



Items of miniature clothing

Tacky Glue / PVA

Pinning board / polystyrene tile

Fine pins

Hair dryer (optional)


Crumpled clothing

It is easier to crumple fabrics realistically if they are dampened first. But don't get them too wet as this can affect glued hems and seams. It helps to have a pinning board covered in cling film to pin the crumpled garments on while they dry.

1.     Mix a small amount of Tacky Glue with a little water (the consistency of milk).

2.     Mist your chosen garment with a little water.

3.     Paint the wrong side of the garment with the glue mixture.

4.     Crumple the garment realistically onto your pin board, using the pins to keep it in place.

5.     Leave to dry, although you can use a hair dryer to help speed up the process.

6.     When the garments are dry, un-pin them and arrange in your miniature scene as appropriate.


How to drape a dress

1.     Lightly mist the dress with water.

2.     Pin the bodice of the dress onto the pinning board allowing some of the skirt to hang over the edge.

3.     Gently pull down on the skirt to create folds in the fabric. Play around with the folds to get them as realistic as possible, and pin them in place. Use a little spray starch if you wish.

4.     Leave the dress to dry. When it is dry, un pin it and arrange on a bed.

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