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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sara Scales explains how to stitch a mini cushion with a rabbit motif

Spring is here with flowers, sunshine and young animals lifting us out of our winter blues. There is definitely nothing with more evocative of the season than the delightful bunnies that start to appear. This stitched cushion shows one of these cuties nestled into the grass. The pattern is a simple one and is worked in full cross stitch and back stitch using one strand of thread.


32 count Murano fabric in white

Single strand of threads as listed

Cross stitch needle

Backing fabric



Download diagram here 

Expert advice

After stitching you may want to wash and iron your work. I use a very diluted detergent in warm water and then wash out with cold.  I stretch the piece carefully into shape and leave to dry in a warm place.  Take care using non-branded cotton as some of the cheaper ones can run when washed. To iron the work it is best to iron on the back because if you iron on the front it can flatten your work.

Making up

Trim work, leaving a 2cm edge after the stitching

Cut a piece of backing fabric to match the front and place right sides together.

Using the holes in the fabric as guide backstitch around three sides.

Turn work to the correct side, making sure corners are pushed out and fold in final side.

Lightly stuff then oversew to close gap.

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