Make 6 fancy pelmets

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Susan Larkins has six suggestions to enhance your windows using paper and card

Here are six pelmet designs to inspire yours, all easily made from paper and card, readily available in craft or card-making stores. Chose a design to suit the style of your house, whether a snug cottage or a great mansion.

The patterned edge cutters (also from your local craft shop) are a great buy with many uses. It takes a little practice to make sure that each pattern is in exact line with the previous, but it is not difficult. Don't buy card too thick, normal cardstock is fine. Measure your own dolls' house windows and adjust the measurements of the pelmets to fit.




Plain card

Patterned card

Coloured paper

Fleur de lys edge cutter


1 Use the edge cutter to make a strip in both the patterned and plain card, long enough for the pelmet front and sides in one piece. Glue them together.

2 Cut a length to make the top of the pelmet and glue that into place.

3 Use the coloured paper to cut another length of border.

4 Use the discarded fleur de lys shapes and use them in the gaps on the pelmet, lightly glue them in place.



This pelmet would also work above a bed to create a stunning canopy.



Lace / crochet edging

Gold spray paint


1 Cut the mountboard to the correct size for the base and top.

2 Cut away the base to make room for the curtains beneath, but to match the top at the front.

3 Cut the sides from mountboard and glue in place.

4 Glue crochet or lace around the front and sides to represent a carved panel.

Add extra layers of mountboard on the top in graduating payers.

5 Spray with gold paint.






Cream paint


1 Cut out the top, back and sides to suit your window, and glue together.

2 Use mountboard to make the three 'V' shapes that form the front motif.

3 Glue to the front then paint the whole pelmet.



This pretty pelmet gently curves away from the wall


Plain card

Patterned card


Fleur de lys edge cutter


1 Cut a length of edging with the cutter, slightly longer than you need.

2 Use the wavy edge from the cut out edging to build up the pelmet in plain and patterned card.

3 Lay the cut-away edging on the top and glue in place.

4 Hold the pelmet top edge onto the mountboard and bend it slightly to form a gentle curve.

5 Use a pencil to draw around the inside of the curved edge and cut it out, with the outside edge left straight to fit against the wall.

6 Glue the pelmet into shape around the mountboard and trim the top with a narrow strip of patterned card to finish it off.



Try this pelmet with drapes, above a bed for a dramatic effect




Striped paper

Plain paper

Embroidery thread


1 Cut your pelmet to length, including the sides and score to create a shaped side rather than a right angle.

2 Glue a length of card over the pelmet, which will soften the edges to a curve and cover with striped paper.

3 Add three 'U' shapes of card, covered with plain paper.

4 Make three small tassels from embroidery thread and glue one to each of the 'U' shapes.





Patterned card

Kebab stick

White paint

Coloured ribbon


1 Make the pelmet out of mountboard, shaping the sides.

2 Cut a length of kebab stick to fit the inside width of the pelmet. Paint it white.

3 Cut out flag shapes from the patterned card.

4 Glue the card to the kebab stick, and wrap coloured ribbons around the stick as if the flags are hanging from it.

5 Glue the kebab stick in place.

6 Cover the top and sides of the pelmet with patterned card.


Curtains used underneath Susan's pelmets kindly provided by Curtains-Petite. Curtains can be made to measure, email for enquiries or visit

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