Make a Valentine floral display

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel explains how to make and display red roses for that special someone


In a very traditional sense, nothing says, ‘I love you’ like a pretty bouquet of red roses! Often these bouquets are arranged with baby’s breath or maidenhair fern, and they always come with a romantic card.

White bottle top or vase
Red reflective mylar ribbon
4in of 1/8in wide double-faced red satin ribbon
Paper in red, green, and white
Polymer clay in red and green
26-gauge green covered florist wire
Small, full sprigs of artificial or dried greenery
Silver eye-pin
Paper punches – small heart, leaf shape, larger heart, small star
Ball stylus
White glue
Needle tool
Wire cutters

Fill the inside of your lid or vase with softened green clay.
Punch 12 tiny hearts from the ribbon and glue them around the base. Depending on your container, you may vary their position up the sides around the container, for a modern, whimsical look.

Punch and vein 24 leaves and 12 small stars from the green paper. Punch 96 larger heart-shaped petals from red paper.
Form twelve 1/8in diameter balls of red clay into bud shapes. Push each bud onto a
11/2in length of florist wire.
Bake the stems at 275°F for 15 minutes, cool, and glue the buds onto their stems

Curve the tops of all the petals outward over the needle tool. Lightly crease the petals down the middle.
For each rose, cut three petals along the crease, crease again to the point, and glue the points overlapping around the base of a bud. These should lie close to the bud. Position five more full petals, overlapping around the base, bend; each petal outward.

Pierce the centre of the twelve stars and cup each one. Slide the stars onto the stems so that these sepals curve away from the blooms.
Glue the sepals against the base of the flower.
Glue two leaves on each stem, on alternate sides.

Trim the greenery sprigs’ stems and glue them into the clay.
Trim the flower stems to the best length for your container and arrange the stems among the greenery.
Tie a red silk bow onto the eye of the eye-pin, cut the stem to ½in, and insert it into the front of the arrangement.


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