Make a chocolate & strawberry gateau

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hayley Bedells explains how to make a mini cake using Fimo

To make this mini cake you will need these items:

Fimo in the following ratios

Cream - transparent white, white, champagne, tiny bit of yellow, 8:8:1

Strawberries - Indian red, carmine red, transparent white, 1:1:1

Leaves - leaf green

Chocolate - caramel, chocolate, 1:1


Ceramic/glass tile

Craft knife

Cocktail sticks

3/4in round cutter

Fimo gloss


Step 1

Roll out a 3mm cane in the strawberry colour. Cut off six 4mm long pieces and roll into balls.

Holding each ball in your fingertips, roll the base into a smooth point, and gently press the top with your finger to flatten, to create the strawberry shape. Repeat with the other five pieces.

Step 2

Roll a piece of green clay into a 1mm cane. Cut off three 4mm long pieces, gently roll both cut ends and squash flat to your board. Carefully remove the leaf using the blade of a craft knife.

Hold a strawberry in your fingertips and using a cocktail stick, place each leaf across the strawberry top in a star pattern. Add some dots to the strawberry flesh with the point of a cocktail stick.

Repeat for all the strawberries and bake at Gas Mark 3 for seven to eight minutes.

Step 3

Wash your hands thoroughly before working with the cream Fimo.

Squash down a 10mm dia., ball of cream Fimo and cut out a 3/4in circle using the cutter.

Holding the circle between fingertip and thumb gently squeeze the top and bottom whilst moving the shape in a circular manner. This makes the top and bottom flat. Put back on your board.

Step 4

To make the cream peaks roll out the cream clay into a 5mm thick cane.

Cut off several 5mm long pieces and roll into balls.

Squash the balls onto your board, and makes marks around the edge of each circle using a cocktail stick.

Using the tip of the cocktail stick make a line from each mark already made and pull up the clay to a central point.

Gently pick up the points of cream and places around the top edge of the gateau.

Step 5

Push the strawberries into the cream at equal distances, then re-bake the gateau for six or seven minutes at Gas Mark 2. Leave to cook

Step 6

Form a rectangle from the chocolate coloured clay, and bake at Gas Mark 3 for about ten minutes.

When cool slice down one side to make a wafer thin slice, then repeatedly chop these onto a board to creates the flakes.

Step 7 

Hold the gateau on the top and bottom with your fingertips. Brush the cake sides with Fimo glass and sprinkle on the flakes.

Place back on your board and brush the top avoiding the cream and strawberries, sprinkle on more flakes. Leave to dry.

Coat the whole gateau with a second coat of gloss to seal the chocolate flakes in place.





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