Stitch a message for your Christmas tree

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sara Scales explains how to embroider mini bunting triangles

You will need:

32 count aida (white)

Anchor embroidery threads (one strand)

Anchor embroidery thread (six strand) (for hanging)

Red felt

Large embroidery needle


Pinking shears

PVA glue

Small paintbrush

Thread colours

I use Anchor threads but you just need a red and green so it's a good way to use up your remnants. Add in some metallic thread for a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Download the stitch chart here

Making up

  1. Work the design in a full cross stitch using just one strand of thread.
  2. After stitching is complete carefully cut your shapes.
  3. Stick the pieces on to a square of felt leaving a minimum of a 1cm gap all the way around each piece.
  4. Do not be too generous with the PVA glue as it can cause the thread colours to run.  Use a small paintbrush to apply going as close as possible to the edges without it smudging out onto the felt.
  5. Carefully cut the felt around each price using the pinking shears
  6. Thread up the six strand of embroidery cotton of your colour choice and thread it between the aida fabric and the felt making sure you have all your pieces in the right order.

Top tip

Use sharp scissors to avoid any fraying of the fabric as this can be a hazard. I learnt the hard way and ended up having to stitch a couple more letters.


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