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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odins Miniatures explain how to create a set of beautiful bags & boxes

Use this downloadable cut out page to create a set of pretty packages.


Gift bags

  1. Score all dark pink lines, cut out with a craft knife around outer dark pink lines, including the tab lines. 
  2. Turn template pattern side down and glue top three tabs A, B & C down onto back of template.  Fold down tab D but do not glue yet (see diagram).
  3. Turn template back over and fold all vertical score lines into bag shape. Add glue to top tab D and side tab. Carefully fold top tab down. Do not glue to inside of bag until you have tucked the side tab between them. 
  4. Line up the sides of the bag and glue Top tab D over side tab on the inside of the bag. Hold lightly until glue holds.
  5. Fold bottom side tabs in and add a dab of glue, fold up back long tab, spread glue along back long tab and fold up front tab.
  6. Let dry and add a ribbon handle onto each side of bag. 


Gift boxes and lids

  1. Score all dark pink lines on lid and bases, and cut out.
  2. Make base first, crease all scored lines to make it easier to fold sides.
  3. Glue all four tabs to box sides and hold until dry. 
  4. Fold inner sides in to check size. Trim to fit then glue down. Cut out the base lines around dark pink line. Glue into base of box. Leave to dry.
  5. Make lid as like the base, but make the first part over the base of the box ensuring the lid fits correctly. Use a tiny dab of glue on the side tabs as the lid may stick to the base. Don't make the lid too tight a fit as you need to fold over the inner box sides.
  6. Remove lid from base and fold in the inner sides checking the size as before.
  7. Leave the lid off and allow to dry.
Tall gift box
  1. Score all dark pink lines and cut out.
  2. Bend all tabs in, add a dab of glue and hold together until it stays 
  3. in place.


Gift tags
Score down centre pink line, cut out and fold.


Paper bags
  1. Score all dark pink lines and fold large squares together.
  2. Fold side edge tab and glue to back.
  3. Fold bottom edge tab and glue to back over side tab.
  4. Pierce each bag in corner, thread onto cotton, tie in a hanging loop.


Hat boxes
  1. Score all dark pink lines, then cut out around outer dark pink lines. Cut out parts as you need them.  
  2. Turn template pattern side down and bend back onto itself and glue together so you now have pattern on both sides. Leave to dry before bending around a glue stick to achieve a curved shape.
  3. Cut out the inner base circle and glue hat box base tabs to the underside (the white side), start gluing from the tab end, trim excess to the edge of tab and glue tab to inside of box, hold in place with a peg or paper clip until dry.
  4. Repeat for the lid edge. Leave to dry.
  5. Carefully wrap the lid strip around the top of the base starting with the tab end, trim excess to tab and glue tab inside of lid edge.
  6. Cut out inner lid circle around the outside of the pink line, check it fits inside lid. If too big trim the outer pink edge until a snug fit is achieved. 
  7. Glue tabs down and leave to dry.
  8. Cut out base bottom and glue onto bottom of hatbox evenly. When dry trim away the excess using curved nail scissors for a neat finish.
  9. Repeat for lid top.
  10. Cut ribbon into 9cm length and glue on to the box sides for a handle. 
  11. Add a jewel over the end of ribbon. Glue rose to lid.
Glove box
  1. Score the vertical fold lines on lid and base edge of glove box and cut out all parts.
  2. Fold base edge into shape and glue end tab to the inside of the box.
  3. Glue to the base as central and as evenly spaced as possible. Let dry.
  4. Once the base is dry, bend the lid rim into shape and make it around the base edge, as this gives a better fit and finish to your box. Use just a dot of glue, remove lid edge from base and glue evenly to the underside of the lid. Let dry before placing lid onto the base.

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