Make an Art Deco fireplace

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Susan Larkins explains how to make this feature for your room




Garden wire

Adhesive shapes (hearts & circles)

Cream paint

  1. Measure the size of the fireplace that will suit your room. You're aiming for a long, thin shape, with a larger than usual space between the mantelpiece and the hood. My fireplace front is 3 3/4in tall by 3in wide, with a 1 1/4in space.
  2. Cut out the front panel and glue to the sides, here 3 3/4in by 5/8in wide.
  3. Glue on a mantelpiece made from thee graduating piece of mountboard. The largest here is 3 3/8in by 1in.
  4. The decoration is made from garden wire, shaped around a pencil to produce the curve lines. Carefully glue in position. Wipe away excess glue.
  5. Add to your design with adhesive heart shapes and flat-backed circles.
  6. Make six tiles, 3/8in square, for either side of the fireplace. I used my computer and shiny photo paper to produce these green ones.
  7. Cut a length of card, 2 1/2in by 7/8in, to hold the tiles. Glue the tiles on and the card sloping inwards.
  8. Cut a piece of card, 1 7/8in by 2 1/2in, painted black, and folded to form the fireplace back.
  9. Make a hood from a piece of card decorated as for the main body of the fireplace.
  10. Cut narrow strips of card and glue to the edges of the fireplace to hide any joins.

Add an overmantle mirror



Mirror card

White paint

Spray Mount

Adhesive shapes (hearts & circles)

Peel off outlines

  1. Measure your mantle piece and decide on the size of the mirror.
  2. Take a sheet of peel-off outlines. Cut away any necessary bits of decoration, and place on a piece of mirror card.
  3. Add other pieces to create a wavy-edged mirror. Paint white.
  4. Add adhesive shapes to enhance the design.
  5. Spray the back of the mirror and place onto a piece of mountboard. Carefully cut around the edges, wipe away any excess glue.
  6. Use two pieces of mountboard to form a base for the mirror to stand on (here 3 1/4in by 1/2in), curving the front corner edges.
  7. Make two curved shelves and brackets from offcuts of mountboard, paint white and when dry, glue to the mirror assembly.
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