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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Make a hunting trophy for the Victorian dolls' house

Hunting exotic game in India or Africa was a sport for the Victorian gentleman. This trophy would be displayed alongside animal skin rugs on the floor, and mounted antlers on the wall. It would also make an item for the miniature antique shop.


Plastic bear

Doll's viscose wigging in brown and black

Acrylic paint in black, white, and pink


PVA glue

Block of balsa wood

Wood veneer

Wood glue

To make the bear

  1. Paint the plastic bear's eyes and mouth with acrylic paint to give them a better definition. Add a tiny drop of varnish to the eyes to suggest that they are made of glass.
  2. Select lengths of the viscose wigging in brown and black, and, over a saucer, snip into tiny pieces.
  3. Working from the ankles of the bar; cover around 1in of the leg in PVA glue using a paintbrush.
  4. Pinching a small amount of fur between your finger and thumb, drop this over the glued area. Dab it gently with your fingertips into the glue.
  5. Work over the entire surface of the bear, aiming to finish at the head.
  6. Apply the hair around the facial features carefully. Clear any hairs around the eyes, nostrils and mouth with the point of a cocktail stick.
  7. Turn the bear around to check that it has all been covered sufficiently. Leave to dry thoroughly.

To make the plinth

  1. Cut a base from a black of wood. The size is determined by your bear's footprint.
  2. Edge each side of the balsa block with a piece of wood veneer. Keep the woodgrain running in the same direction around the sides. Clamp in position until the wood glue has set.
  3. Gently sand the wood veneer and wipe, before varnishing.
  4. Stand your bear on top, glued in position for security.
  5. Add a brass plaque showing the date of 'capture' if you wish.



















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