Make a set of decorators brushes

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

John Cutts helps with the dolls' house decorating with this set of paintbrushes

Make a set of 4 inch, 3 inch, 2 inch and 1inch brushes. These instructions are for the 4 inch paintbrush.

You will need:

Polyester lining fabric

Thin red card

1mm thick card

Cocktail stick

Silver tape

PVA tape

  1. The brush bristles are made from polyester lining fabric. Fray one edge so that the loose fibres are about 10mm long. 
  2. Paint on a little PVA glue on both sides, close to the bristles and allow to dry, this should prevent any further fraying.
  3. Cut a piece of thin card about 25 x 50mm. Score two lines 8mm apart and a further two lines 1mm away. 
  4. Cut two 3mm wide strips of 1mm thick card and position and glue to the thin card leaving a 3mm gap at the end for the bristles. 
  5. Cut the bristles 8mm wide (the unfrayed bit of fabric is 3mm), and glue on several layers of bristles until 1mm thick. 
  6. Fold over the two sides of card and trim off the excess width. Glue and clamp until dry.
  7. Trim the bristles to 8mm long. Cut the bristle holder to 8mm and cut off two small triangles to form the shoulders.
  8. With the help of a piece of non-stick backing paper, cut a 6mm wide strip of silver tape (I have used duct tape). Wrap the tape around the brush to form the metal ferrule.
  9. With a sharp craft knife flatten the two sides of the point of a cocktail stick and glue into the slot in the brush.
  10. Cut a triangle of PVC tape, wind around the cocktail stick to form a handle. The 'bulge' should be about 1/3 down the handle.
  11. Trim the handle to length and paint the end of the handle and the shoulders.


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