Hooked on miniatures!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Christiane Berridge combines miniatures with a practical purpose in this inspirational project.

If you enjoy making miniatures regardless of whether the finished item is destined for your dolls' house, this project is for you. It is also ideal for showcasing those 'must have' buys when the dolls' house is full.



Box frame, 20cm x 20cm, inner depth 11cm

Hobbylack semi-gloss acrylic paint in Wine Red and Antique White

Flat paintbrush

Decorative paper (Designer paper/Hester)

Rub-on transfers (Domestic Collage)

Brass cup hooks




  1. Apply two coats of Antique White acrylic paint to the inside of the box. Leave to dry.
  2. Cut a piece of decorative paper to fit the back of the box interior and glue in place.
  3. Pain the exterior of the box with two coats of Wine Red acrylic paint. Leave to dry.
  4. Decorate the outside of the box on the top and two sides with the rub-on transfers. Apply a coat of varnish to the exterior to protect.
  5. Screw in a row of hooks to the bottom (adding an extra piece of wood to accommodate their length), to hang your keys or jewellery items. Paint or cover with fabric, paper or mini carpet as you wish.
  6. Add a hanging fixture to the back and secure to your wall.



All art materials used in this project from Panduro Hobby, Tel: 0844 8485692, www.pandurohobby.co.uk





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