Make a humidor & box of cigars

Monday, February 17, 2014

Louise Bardwell explains how to make two items of smoking paraphernalia

In the days before smoking became a negative activity, cigars would have been an essential accessory for the well-to-do gent from Victorian times onwards. Make a box for your study, or behind the bar at the pub or club.

Box of Cigars


Lightweight card in white or light brown

Cigar box label image 

Glue stick

Brown paper

Red paper

Paper hole punch

You can download the cigar box template here

  1. Cut out the cigar box label and glue it to the thin card. Cut around the label.
  2. Score along the lines between the sides of the box and fold. Apply glue to the tabs and make up the box.
  3. Mark out the pattern for the cigars on the brown paper and cut them out.
  4. Apply glue to one side and roll up each cigar tightly beginning at the wide end and rolling toward the narrow end.
  5. Cut circles from the red paper using the hole punch and glue to the side of each cigar to represent the label.
  6. Fill your box with cigars.



Thin white card

Two white buttons (approximately ½in diameter)

Button in colour of your choice (slightly larger than the white buttons with two button holes)

Two gold coloured seed beads

Small length of gold coloured wire for the handle

'Hygrometer dial' image 

¼in diameter gold coloured split ring

Dolls’ house wallpaper or other image

Glue stick


  1. Cut a piece of card 2in x 5/16in. Apply glue stick to one of the short sides and roll the card into a tube ensuring that a white button will fit snuggly inside. Super glue the button into the base of the tube.
  2. Cut a section of dolls’ house wallpaper or other image and glue it around the tube.
  3. Use Super Glue to glue the white button centrally onto the back of the coloured button that you are using for the lid.
  4. Cut out the hygrometer dial and glue it centrally to the white button on the back of the lid. Glue the split ring over the dial as a frame.
  5. Turn the lid over. Make a ‘U’ shaped handle from the wire and thread a seed bead onto each end. Apply a drop of Super Glue to each end and position the handle into the holes of the button.
  6. Fill your humidor with either loose tobacco (snippets of brown wool) or cigars.



For free vintage images for your humidor visit 


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