A quick guide to dolls' house period styles

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What historical period do you want? Here's a brief introduction

Dolls' houses, just like real houses, come in a range of historical periods; the most popular are Tudor, Georgian and Victorian, but you will also find Edwardian houses, Art Deco, modern houses, thatched cottages, and even castles! Just as with a real home the interior décor, furniture and accessories doesn't have to match the historic period of the exterior, but most enthusiasts chose to match the two.

Tudor style

If you like the look of an old-fashioned property with multi-paned windows, timber beams, jettied first floors, and crooked chimneys, check out the Tudor period. Interiors will feature exposed floorboards, wooden panelling and inglenook fireplaces. Such houses are filled with oak furniture (heavy tables, stools, and chests) and tapestry hangings.

Georgian style

Fans of Jane Austen's novels will be drawn to the Georgian and Regency period. Houses representing eighteenth century architecture offer the classic dolls' house. Multi-paned sash windows, an elegant symmetry, porticos above a grand door are all hallmarks of this elegant era. The elegance continues inside with pale colours, fine furniture - chaise longues, pier tables, chandeliers, beautiful dining rooms and crystal glasses!

Victorian style

For a house stuffed to bursting with colour, pattern and accessories then turn to the Victorians. For inspiration check out the designs of William Morris (available as small scale wallpaper), and the works of Charles Dickens. You'll want well-upholstered furniture, dark colours, plemets and tie-backs, tiled fireplaces with overmantles, rocking horses in the nursery and a kitchen in the basement! If your dolls' house is a large one - make sure you have staff quarters too.

Edwardian style

If Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey have you glued to your TV screen, re-create these busy households with a dolls' house representing the Edwardian era. A gentler colour palette and clearer rooms than the preceding era, there's all the style of the beginning of the twentieth century to be had.

Art Deco & modern

Art Deco brings in the jazz age, and a look that many modern dolls' houses enjoy. No fussy cornices, wallpapering, or sash windows but plenty of sleek lines and Hollywood style. Large dolls' houses represent modern apartment living or lakeside retreats. Create your dream home for today's family.


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