Sewing bee bonanza

Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like many other people I've enjoyed watching The Great British Sewing Bee on television over the last four weeks. It was no suprise that 81 year old contestant Ann scooped the first prize. Her work was meticulous and methodical, well-finished and all sewn with apparent calm. Those decades of sewing experience shone through - hopefully something that tearful Lauren will come to appreciate as she develops her own skills in the coming years.

With a second series being planned and contestants sought it just goes to emphasise that the good old home crafts really are experiencing a revival (which is good news). I don't think that it is just a reflection of the current economic situation where we all have less cash in our purses, there is something funamentally satisfying about 'making it yourself' - whether it is clothes, cakes, jam or dolls' houses!

The dolls' house enthusiast knows all about home-making of course. A whole house where, unless you are able to buy everything single item in it, much of the enjoyment is in creating the right look for every room and all the items in it. Sometimes this is as simple as giving a bought chest of drawers a makeover rather than making a chest of drawers form scratch, or sewing a little seat pad to go on a kitchen chair.

And isn't it lovely doing this? We might not need to set ourselves a 'sewing bee' time limit but setting ourselves a specific project to do on a certain day is an interesting idea. I'd certainly  get so much more done rather than procrastinating!

If you want to enter the next Great British Sewing Bee you'll find the details here: 


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