Sneak peek inside our new look Dolls' House magazine!

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

30 September 2014

DH198 Cover

We're rather excited about this issue of the Dolls' House magazine, with a new look, and even more great content to inspire your own miniatures. It hits the shops this Thursday, on 2nd October, so here's a sneak peek at what's inside!

This month we bring you a redesigned magazine, with even more inspiration for your own miniatures. With autumn in the air, projects include an orange-leaved Sumac tree, a polymer clay meat pie, Fairisle jumpers and more. Plus, learn how to make your own custom curtains, how to create a wooden parquet floor and how to add patinas to different surfaces. We interview some top miniaturists, and take a look inside a stunning 1:24 scale Georgian home. With tips on different scales, great prizes to win, beautiful shopping pages and even techniques for making your own house from scratch, this issue is one not to miss!

Once you've got your copy we'd love to know your thoughts! You can write to us at the usual address or email - your letter may even be published in the magazine, and win a prize!

Don't forget, you can save up to 30% by subscribing, which you can do here (or buy a one-off copy too!) Plus, you can get your digital copy (for your phone, computer, laptop, iPad, or device) here.

Sumac Tree

(above: Sumac tree project by Marianne Cook)


(above: Polymer meat pie project by Lynn Allingham)

 Victorian Dollhouse

(above: Feature on


(above: Make your own curtains project by Beth Blight)

Jumpers (1)

(above: Knitted Fairisle sweaters project by Frances Powell)