Happy Christmas

Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

19 December 2013

There is a definate holiday feel in the air today. Team Dolly has just enjoyed lunch in the neighbouring cafe (so handy to have next door!). The decorations were as tasteful as the food, and easy Christmas tunes pervaded the air. Just delightful.

In the crazy world of magazine publishing we dealt with our Christmas issue way back in September, so December seems long gone. After thirteen years at the helm I am used to this scheduling, but nevertheless, each year, I still can't believe that the real Christmas is just around the corner.

As this is the last day that I am in the office before the holidays I feel like it is the last day of school term. I'm checking off all those tasks that need to be done, so that I can leave my desk tidy for the new year. And I am thinking of all the preparations that are still to be made at home; last minute presents, a few more decorations to be put out, food still to be bought, and double checking which family members are going to be where and when. When it comes to wrapping the presents I am using my annual trick of using our old front cover design print outs - so colourful, and they never need a label - everyone knows that the gift inside is from me! If I get a spare moment I'll post a picture onto our Facebook page (where you will find regular postings throughout December - so do keep a regular check there).

Once home of course I don't neglect my dolls' house, it will get a sprinkling of Christmas charm. The little pile of presents will be placed under the tree in the parlour, and the turkey dinner is already on the dining room table. In my little house there is always an element of calm, my dolls' house family never seem ruffled by this time of year (but then they rely on home deliveries for everything!). When the dolls' house lights are switched on - and the only illumination in my front room - the whole house looks just magical! It reminds me of why we all love this hobby so much.

So it just remains for me to wish all of you a very happy Christmas and all the joys of the season. I hope that the new year finds you in good health and in good spirits....2014, here we come!

Isn't it lovely?

Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

9 December 2013

I was watching the last epsiode of BBC's serial The Paradise yesterday evening. Apart from the drama of the storylines, I was just thinking how beautiful it all looked. In fact, I could almost be tempted to buy the inevitable CD boxed set (or download as they tend to be these days) and re-watch every episode with the sound turned down just to soak up the period detail. 

Last night I was almost memerised as Miss Denise wafted around her ladieswear department, trying to promote her latest acquision...rouge, from the ever-so scandalous city of Paris. Does anyone actually exchange money for goods from The Paradise? Or is this side of business left to the packing department (pick up your gift wrapped purchases on exit)? I scarcely mind because I am so in love with the decor...and that's before I have cooed over the Weston's house. Oh, that green wallpaper! A joy in any dolls' house - and surely little Flora should have one of those.

In the office we have been discussing the contrast with the almost-over Ripper Street. Another BBC period drama and again expertly done in my opinion. It has Victorian gritiness in bucketloads! Victorian vice compared to Edwardian elegance. But all fantastic visual encylopedias for anyone wanting to recreate a period dolls' house, warts and all.

What will I do now that both series have run their course? As I'm feeling their demise there will at least be the Christmas Downton Abbey to act as a stop-gap. But then, come on BBC, give me something to exercise my miniature mind! What...or is it when...will be the next decade to delight?